[GUIDE] Tips about correct time to pull out your 'little friends'

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[GUIDE] Tips about correct time to pull out your 'little friends' Empty [GUIDE] Tips about correct time to pull out your 'little friends'

Post by daichi_nakata on Sun Apr 17, 2011 6:55 am

First off all, this server was a Role Play server, so you have to do everything 'almost' based on your real life. Now I've found some incidence that I think very common in this server. Yeah firearms RP. We're not talking about RPing take out the gun or something, we're gonna talking about specific time to take out your guns.

Ever been rammed by someone? Someone called you an assh**e? or Someone broke your car?
Well naturally you'll get pissed off, and you bringing a gun and starting to shoot him? that's FALSE

All of us know, that guns is deadly weapon, with that things IRL it can kill someone with some shoot/bullet. So do you think it's RP to put out your 'little friends' every time something happen? No That's non-RP Let's take an example based on Real Life

You walking around your house then somebody called you an asshole and you get pissed. Then at that time you're bringing a gun with you, are you pull it out quickly and shoot him? I don't think so, you have to thing about the consequent of doing that. Keep it in your mind about these tips.

1. Is the consequences of killing him over something so retarded worth it?
2. Am I prepared to go to jail for something so stupid?
3. Can my conscience handle killing this person mercilessly?

Then What should I do?

First, try to mock him/her back. If he/she trying to attack you, beat him physically using your fist or your melee weapon.

Which situation when I can pull out my gun?

Your gun is your last resorts, use it only when your life is on the line. So next time think twice before pull it off your gun, and when you are passengers, don't drive-by when something isn't happen Smile

Hope this guide will help ya Very Happy
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