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[GUIDE] Dealing Drug and Weapon  Empty [GUIDE] Dealing Drug and Weapon

Post by daichi_nakata on Thu May 05, 2011 12:41 am

I was bored while waiting the server up again Sad so I am writing this tips, hope people read it and and apply it to RPing about Dealing drug and weapon RPly. Here are some Do and Don't list to make you easier to understand about it.


1. Make Sure you are in Appropriate places
It's funny how people sell their guns in front of the news corp, in front of the pizza stack, in front of the general store etc. Not only is that very risky for YOU, but it's also non-RP. Don't be surprised when a random passer-by whips their cellphone out and snitch on you.
Preferably, do deals in abandoned alleys, abandoned warehouses - heck, even your own house! Be creative and careful!

2. Keep an eye out
I agree, this is very obvious but please allow me to go more into details. Look for suspicious cars that could be undercover SASP/FBI, the majority will be suspiciously cruising around your block 5-6 times in a row. If that doesn't hint that things are getting dangerous for you, you're a bit daft my friend. This also goes for people who just so "happen to be in the area." Always be suspicious.

3. Aware of your situation
The nature of your so called "job" is very dangerous, where your life and freedom is usually on the line 24/7.
It's common sense that you'd want to pack a gun other than the one you're selling.

4. Go Alone, at least appear be
Okay, so you've found a person who wants to buy some guns/drugs from you. You're also doing the deal in an abandoned alley. You're POSITVE that nobody suspicious is hanging around. BUT, you brought a buddy along.. which ends up in the buyer getting too intimidated and suspicious, hence cancelling the deal. If you're going to bring a friend with you, have him hide at least - so he can come in when something goes wrong.


1. Avoid giving out name, use an Allias
There are a lot of obvious pros in doing so, not only do you get known in the underworld under a harmless alias (of which LEOs would have a hard time tagging to your name, unless you fucked up big time)

2. Don't Obviously
Do NOT deal guns/drugs out in the fucking open. Don't open with "Hey, are you the buyer/seller?" If you were dealing with the FBI/SASP agent, you're practically digging your own grave.

First of all, it's going to get pretty hard to find a dealer because they don't announce that they are.
If you've spent quite a bit of time in LSRW-RP, you should know by now that it's the "gangs" who control the illegal trade.
So that's your first clue, find a person/group who you think is selling - be polite. Don't act like you're close buddies or anything, they might hate that ICly and just beat the shit out of you or flatly refuse to talk with you.
Start out the conversation slow, then gradually adjust depending on the situation.
Here are a few examples :

Person 1 : Hey, things are getting messed up 'round here huh?
Person 2 : Yeah man.. wait, who are you?
Person 1 : Nothing, nothing. Just passing by.. can't believe this place is going down the pits.
Person 2 : What do you mean?
Person 1 : Well, my brother died yesterday.. got mugged, shot in the head.. *sigh*
Person 2 : *shakes his head* What do you need?
Person 1 : Man, this place ain't safe anymore. You know anybody who can hook me up with some heat?
Person 2 : Yeah, yeah fo' sure man. You came at the right place.
**Proceed with buying the gun**

Person 1 : Hey man, what're you doing in a place like this?
Person 2 : Nothing, mind your own fucking business.
Person 1 : Chill! Just wanted to ask you if you knew what happened here..
Person 2 : What do you mean?
Person 1 : Murder. That's what. Poor guy got shot in the head.
Person 2 : Aw, fuck man. This place is getting more dangerous everyday.
Person 1 : You're right.. hey, if you need some protection yourself.. I'm your man, 'aight?
Person 2 : Hmm.. what you got?
**Proceed with selling the gun**

Be Creative about it Smile If you feel this guide help you some of 'thanks' reputation is enough for me Smile

[GUIDE] Dealing Drug and Weapon  I-am-proud-of-indonesia2
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[GUIDE] Dealing Drug and Weapon  Empty Re: [GUIDE] Dealing Drug and Weapon

Post by Bl4ckJack on Thu May 05, 2011 11:22 am

Loving the guide.

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[GUIDE] Dealing Drug and Weapon  Empty Re: [GUIDE] Dealing Drug and Weapon

Post by Alpha Corleone on Thu May 05, 2011 11:37 am

/Support I need some fcking drugs...
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[GUIDE] Dealing Drug and Weapon  Empty Re: [GUIDE] Dealing Drug and Weapon

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