National Guard Application Jake_Amaru

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National Guard Application Jake_Amaru

Post by Lewis_Sykes Sam_Sykes on Tue May 10, 2011 3:05 pm

Basic Information

* First Name: Jake
* Last Name: Amaru
* Gender(Male/Female):Male
* Age:23
* Phone:3842
* Origin: Israel

Extended Information

* Do you have valid driving and weapon license ?: Yes.
* Have you ever used drugs or other illegal substances ?: No.
* Have you ever been arrested/reported for a crime ?: Yes.
- If yes, what were you accussed of ?: I was speeding and evading police. I evantually stopped at a safer place.
* Life Story (Minimum 100 words):
At just a young age i my parents were taken away from me in a robbery, they were both tortured and forced to tell the gang where the safe was, the same safe that the money my parents saved up for my brother. They took it all whilst they were on their way out they went into the bedroom and shot both my parents dead after leaving them rotting in our kitchen.
I wasn't sent to LV with my brother, instead I ran off far away from Los Santos. It was near to LV so I could of kept in touch with Ethan. I was taught the usual at school. I fell into the wrong hands at my time and joined a little posse but soon learnt what I was doing, it didn't feel right taking from the country. I got a job in Los Santos when I was 21, I was a Officer in the police force, I changed my name, so Ethan wouldn't know who I was. William Tethrone. Sucks don't it. I found him in the police offices, I was shocked, he had changed so much. I envyed him, he had all the money, a better job, better education, we were non-identical twins, after a while we quit our jobs, and just lived on our wages as they were pretty high. Through these dramatic times, gangs reformed, Although we thought our time was over, a application had come through. Giving us a chance to join the Special Forces. We took it, and now it looks like the Amaru brothers, are back...

Main Information

* Which division your applying for (AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Special Forces, Air Force, Territorial Army): Special forces
- Do you have valid Flying License (Answer only if you have choosen Air Force):
* Why do you want to join National Guard (Minium 50 words):

My brother is joining, we work good together, I believe that everyone has a right to defend their honor and their country, many people have joined the National Guard, many people have left it, but only I will leave, in a coffin with a US flag on it, the way I'll die is for my country, not some gang shooting in Jefferson, fuck that shit. The way i'll join, with my helmet the wrong way round my knee pads on my elbows and vice versa.
* Do you have any experience in law enforcement?:Yes
- If yes, where you was employed ?: Police Force and FBI.

(( OOC Information ))

* Name: Jake_Wilcox
* Age: 14
* How long have you been roleplaying in SAMP ?: I first started when I was 11 but stopped at 12 and now I'm back
* For how long have you been playing on LSRW-RP ?: About 2-3 weeks now.
* Rate your roleplay skills from 1/10: 8/9
* Whats your timezone ?: GMT Western
* Explain in detail the following terms:
Mixing IC with OOC or the other way around eg. /pm 0 Man, where are you? /pm 1 I can't tell you that, ring me and I might be able to tell you. You can be fined and warned for this.

ZOMG William_Tethrone takes out his RPG from under his left nostril and fires all around the room. It's impossible. Also it's non-rp messing with what should of happened you can only find or pickup big weapons, or just have in your hand at all times. You can be jailed for this.

ZOMG! That asshole killed me! I'm gonna get him back! Don't do it, its just as bad as DM and also you could be jailed for it.

Driver Drive By, While driving you cannot shoot, so for eg. No pressing Q or E and pressing LMB. You can be jailed for it.
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Re: National Guard Application Jake_Amaru

Post by Alex on Wed May 11, 2011 7:34 am

Dear applicant,
Your application has been reviewed by relevant command and after consideration of your experience we would like to announce that you are
ACCEPTED in San Andreas National Guard.We will conact with you within 48 hours.

Signed by:
General Alex Wilson
Game Admin
Game Admin

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