About the National Guard

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About the National Guard

Post by Alex on Sat May 07, 2011 2:45 pm

The army are based in Area 51. When Red Code is declared in Los Santos, Army will patrol instead of LSPD . We are fighting against terrorism when it is too dangerous for the Los Santos . We´ll handle those situations there are too dangerous for the normal police force and SWAT/When the situation is out of control. National Guard have permission to enter Los Santos airspace when terrorist threat is announced. We are patrolling the airspace using military units(Hydra,Hunter) and making sure everything is okay. If the SWAT Team need help to rush a building, the Special Forces are ready to react and if military units needed to block off the roads , the Territorial Army are ready.

National Guard Divisions:

• Special Forces
- Heavily armed (Deagle, Spas12, M4, Sniper and night vision)
- Their job is to rush a building. Go in the front, in the most dangerous situation.
- They will only be used in emergency situations and I mean emergency situations.
- They are trained to kill and really good in close combat
- (Can be trained as sharpshooter)
- (armed as sharpshooter: Silent Gun, Night Vision, Sniper)

• Air Force
- Trained in flying with high speed in low altitude
- Able to take down a ground subject in long distance
- Trained for special air operations like taking down flying suspect
- Armed with: Deagle, Knife and night vision

• Territorial Army
- Tranied in blocking off the area
- Communication with civilians
- Use of non-lethal force.
- Armed with: Deagle, tazer, night stick, mace and m4
- Received advanced patrol training.
- Guarding the High Facility Prison
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