[Denied] Von Silvestre's Application Form

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[Denied] Von Silvestre's Application Form Empty [Denied] Von Silvestre's Application Form

Post by Von_Brian on Sat May 07, 2011 5:44 am

1.) Surname: Silvestre
2.) Firstname: Von
3.) Gender ((IC)): Male
3a.) Gender ((OOC)): Male
4.) In-game level ((OOC)): 5
5.) Age ((IC)): 16
5a.) Age ((OOC)): 16
6.) Phone Number ((IC)): 6583

7.) How long have you been a citizen of this server? ((OOC)):
2 months
8.) Are you currently in employment?:
9.) Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?:
yes , dm'ing
10.) Have you ever served time in prison?:
11.) Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?:
12.)Tell us about yourself and why you wish to be enlisted as a Police Officer: [Min: 450 Words]
i was born in the philippine's by my love parents . i'm studying at MALAYAN College's at The philippines . im studying Maritime . means marine transportation . that's why i like to join the lspd . to gain exp. so that i can handle at my college life . joining the lspd can be useful or worth it because you can act in the game like its in real life . so i can relate to it in my studies . some times i even try to do it at my school Smile SHARE ' so i would like to take this opportunity to join becuase it can help my studies . thats all thankyou Smile
13.)Do you know any of our officers who had recommended you to join SASP?
-Officer's name: Von_Silvestre

-Officer's rank: Cadet


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