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[Denied]Application Form Empty [Denied]Application Form

Post by Von_Brian on Wed May 04, 2011 6:48 am

(( In Character information ))

(( General Information ))
First Name: Von
Sur Name: Silvestre
Last Name: Villanueva
Phone Number:N/a
Place of birth:Philippines
Date of birth:16/july/1994
Current Address:Philippines
E-mail Address:vonvillanueva12345@yahoo.com

(( Questions to the applicant ))

Why do you want to be a part of Los Santos Police Department?
To Learn Experience and Gain selfconfidence , And Loyalty
Why do you think you should be accepted and you'll be taken over the other applicant?
Because i can RP good , and i can take responsibilities .
Do you mind being our Cadet? if no, why?
Last Law Enforcement Experience (( IN THIS SERVER ))
Life Biography (( 300 words atleast ))
im von Silvestre born in the philippines , im taking up IT , ( information technology ) im not going to frist year college , im a simple man , living in a simple house , i got a sister . i was playing this game maybe a week now . i'm a member of fraternity here in the philippines . but im no longer active . thats all thankyou :')
Sign here:
Von Silvestre
Passport here ((/stats)):

(( Out of Character information ))

e-mail address:vonvillanueva12345@yahoo.com


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[Denied]Application Form Empty Re: [Denied]Application Form

Post by Steven Hill on Fri May 06, 2011 11:21 am

Dear applicant,

Your application has been received by the relevant authorities of the Los Santos Police Department.

After analyzing and reviewing your application, I am pleased to inform you that your application has been reviewed.

After checking your application, i am sorry to inform you that your application is DENIED

Due to the following reasons,

- General Lack of Effort

Feel free to re-apply after fixing the Denial reasons

Steven Hill
LSPD Chief
LSPD Chief

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