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[READ] Admins on-duty. Empty [READ] Admins on-duty.

Post by King! on Mon May 02, 2011 12:53 pm

Admins on-duty

Well, I just wanted to make this clear. I've had an incident today with an officer so I decided to make this topic. An admin on duty is when the Admin is currently accepting reports / helping the server etc. If you see an admin with this color of name [READ] Admins on-duty. Bdddddd is because he is on admin duty. But as long as he is not using that color of name that means he is off-duty. If you're role-playing with someone and suddenly an admins teleports to you, you must ignore it like he is not there. Admins on duty are most likely OOC Players, so you must ignore him and keep role playing. If he asks you something in /b you may answer him back, only in /b. Don't just go like "Who the fuck is this?" IC'ly, just completely ignore it. You may only speak to him IC'ly if he is off-duty, but if he's on duty.. currently he is working for the server. If an admin teleports to you, and he told you to stop. You must stop without questioning, otherwise you can get warned for not following admin instruction. Don't try to role-play with an admin on duty, but as long as he is off you're free to do so Very Happy. Anyways I wanted to make this clear after the incident hat happened today with an X officer. Make sure you read and understand this, please.

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