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Read before reporting a crime Empty Read before reporting a crime

Post by Alex on Sat May 07, 2011 10:22 am

Before reporting any crime you should follow the format below:

Your full name:
Your phone number:
Your email:
Your Street Adress:
Type of crime: (Ex: Murded, Shoplifting, Robbery, Rape, Kidnap, etc.)
Which department it concerns: (Choose one of the following: LSPD, LSFMD, Governement, SS or NG)
Describe the crime: (Minium 50 words)
Can you give us any names involved in the crime:
Additional Notes:

WARNING: Entering false information on crime report is punishable as a Class 2 felony.
You will be traced and fined up to 15,000$. If any resistance is showed the fine amount will increase!

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