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Post by Mr.Light on Sun May 01, 2011 8:46 am

Open Positions!

A short list of open positions:

Chief of Emergency Services (CoES)

As Chief of Emergency Services, your job is to monitor all Emergency Service Organizations. This includes (LSPD, FBI, National Guard, FDSA, SFPD, SASD) --Your job is to hand awards out at Public Events, suggest extra funding for them, report any issues, requests, or complaints to the Governor or Lieutenant Governor.

Chief of Public Events (CoPE)

As Chief of Public Events, your duty is exactly what the name says. You manage all public events. This includes, but is not limited to: Convoys, promotion ceremonies, Award Ceremonies, or other events to that liking. Your job is solely to please the public by providing entertainment, information, or general knowledge. For Civil Service Organizations, your job is solely to appreciate them and praise them for the job that they do.

Government Escorting Team (GET)

As a member of the Escorting Team, you will be placed through a series of tests. Your job will be very difficult, yet very fun at the same time. Your sole purpose is to safely escort the Governor and Lieutenant Governor from place to place, no matter where it be. You will be provided with weapons for protection, mace, a tazer, and other miscellaneous items needed for their protection. You will become very appreciated, respected, and receive money for your services. ((If you're a heavy RolePlayer, this is the job for you.))

State Inspector

The purpose of the position is to ensure the safety of the people of San Andreas. As you can tell our parking garages, roads, sewage systems and other infrastructures are slowly deteriorating. We need someone to look after our infrastructures and conduct inspections. If a infrastructure fails inspections the inspector will contact the state treasurer and ask for funding to fix whatever the problem might be. Thus in the end not only will we be improving daily life we saving the city from destruction. You will also be reviewing government head quarters, to make sure their staff and quarters are inline. You will be able to pass/fail factions on their HQ's, etc. You will be given more information if you make it into the organization.

Things he/she will inspect.

* Roadways and Bridges.
* Parking Garages
* Fire alarms in all Government building (LSPD, FDSA, Ect..)
* Make sure all civil departments within the state have emergency evacuation plans to get out of their building.
* Gas station tanks for any fuel leakage.
* Streams and rivers for pollution.
* The sewage system.
* Train tracks.
* Inspecting the well being of government faction staff and headquarters.
* And more.
Vice Governor
The Helpmate of the Governor and keeps everything under control like the Governor doing and if the Governor is busy the Vice-Governor will help him and work hard to bring the city into a great place.

Prime Minister
((I don't know sorry))

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