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Dealership & Vehicle System Empty Dealership & Vehicle System

Post by E.C on Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:56 am

What's your idea: I am giving some help to create the dealership & vehicle system. ( CMDs etc.. )
Any Screenshot:
Any Video:
Why are you suggeting this idea: Because I want that dealership would get fixed faster, so I can buy a vehicle.

Dealership Commands
/v buy - Brings up an menu with the available vehicles in the shop to buy.
/licenseplate - You can change your licenseplate by typing that CMD. After typing it, an 3d textbox appears on the screen and inside it you will write what do you want for your licenseplate to be.. 6 character maximum.
/v sell - If you'd want to get rid of you car. Selling at the dealership you will get 75% of the vehicle's price.
/paint - If you want to change your vehicle's colour, you can do that at the Dealership.
/v sellto - If you want to sell your vehicle to another player, you have to also be at the Dealership.

Vehicle Commands
/engine - Turning the engine on / off
/lights - Turning the vehicle lights on / off
/trunk - info, putgun, takegun, putarmour, takearmour, putpot, takept, putmats, takemats, putcrack, takecrack
/fuel - Show's the amount of fuel, your vehicle has.
/fill - At the gas station, when you want to refill your vehicle's gas tank.

Any more ideas for this are welcome Smile


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