I always wanted...

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I always wanted...

Post by Admin Cr4zyR0d on Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:46 am

I always wanted to create a Puerto Rican gang here, I don't know why but I will love to roleplay as a Puerto Rican character.. Maybe becuase I'm Puerto Rican IRL..

This is how it will be, if I do it but I don't think so:


Name: Andrew "UnKnown" Kyles
Street name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Age: 20
Phone number: Unknown "Pre Paid phones"
Hometown: Los Santos, Idlewood
Ocupation: Unknown
Criminal Record: Clean
Status: Alive
Admin Cr4zyR0d
The Unknown Idlewood Ryder
The Unknown Idlewood Ryder

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