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Post by Lewis_Sykes Sam_Sykes on Sun Jun 19, 2011 7:28 am

(( In Character information ))

(( General Information ))
First Name: Chuck
Sur Name: Harris
Last Name: William_Tethrone
Phone Number: 8211
Place of birth: Chinatown, Liberty City
Date of birth: 13th Of July 1990
Current Address: 22 LV Pass
E-mail Address: My family do not rely on computers to communicate.

(( Questions to the applicant ))

Why do you want to be a part of Los Santos Police Department?
I am Asian, and accept the asian customs and also, I want the city I live in to be clean, just and grand.

Why do you think you should be accepted and you'll be taken over the other applicant?
I am well built and can sustain injury and pain. I prefer to be greater than my audience, my friends, and colleages. You will get use to me.

Do you mind being our Cadet? if not, why?
I would mind, because my father does not like people who laze around. But if I can progress. I will be happy. * Smiley Face. *

Last Law Enforcement Experience (( IN THIS SERVER ))
William_Tethrone - Officer in LSPD/Captian/Chief.
William_Tethrone - Assitant Chief in FBI/Intern/Staff.
William_Tethrone - Soldier in the NG.

Life Biography (( 300 words atleast ))
I was born in Liberty City, Chinatown it was very violent in times like these. We moved to San Andreas, not knowing how people would react to an Asian kid in the vacinity, as the Vietnam war was only about 15 years down the line, my father thought for the U.S. Army, and he is a decorated man in the force. Within about 4 months of moving into San Andreas, a predujice crime was placed on my family, slaughtering my Mother, and my Younger sister. I have a new because of this, Killer. His name, is never forgotten. I was 13, my first Katana was given to me, I loved it, having the power to choose over life and death, and the will to save. By the time I left school I had good grades, I was able to get a well paid Job. But I said, nah... I'm going to save people...

Sign here: Chuck Harris

Passport here ((/stats)):
Do I have to, Well, ask for it later :/ I forgot SS key.

(( Out of Character information ))

Name: Jake
Age: 14
Origin: England
e-mail address:
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