Applycation for NG matthew miller

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Applycation for NG matthew miller

Post by Charlie_White on Wed May 11, 2011 2:10 pm

* First Name: Matthew
* Last Name: Miller
* Gender(Male/Female):Male
* Age:16
* Phone:
* Origin: South America
Extended Information

* Do you have valid driving and weapon license ?: Yes
* Have you ever used drugs or other illegal substances ?: No
* Have you ever been arrested/reported for a crime ?: No
- If yes, what were you accussed of ?:
* Life Story (Minimum 100 words):
I was 10 years old when my parents were killed by a gang.I lived alone whit my brother he was 25.When i become 15 my brother decited to be an LSPD.My brother was killed to like my parents so i was alone this no parents and no one to take care of me so i went to LV to a good friend of my father i asked him if i can stay whit him and told him the whole story.Now this time i live in LS because the friend of my father went to heaven.So i knew someone is behind me so i went to get myself a job (i was a detective).The whole detective thing didn't work so i asked if i can join FBI they didn't accept me now i'm here to apply for NG.

Main Information

* Which division your applying for (AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Special Forces, Air Force, Territorial Army): Territorial Army
- Do you have valid Flying License (Answer only if you have choosen Air Force):
* Why do you want to join National Guard (Minium 50 words):

I know that nationa guards are very strong and good armed men so i think i can make my life and the life of other people better.National guards are like my brothers i don't want that someone thinks i'm a guy that can't take care of him.I want to be national guard because LSPD and other faction fammilies didn't accept me this is why i want to take it to the top and be an nationa guard to protect out land.

* Do you have any experience in law enforcement?:Yes
- If yes, where you was employed ?:FBI , LSFMD
(( OOC Information ))

* Name: Matthew_Miller
* Age:16
* How long have you been roleplaying in SAMP ?: 2 years
* For how long have you been playing on LSRW-RP ?: Since a month
* Rate your roleplay skills from 1/10: 6/7
* Whats your timezone ?: GMT western
* Explain in detail the following terms:

Merging OOC and IC together for example, either abbreviations, or "/Pm 2 Where are you?" That is OOC, so merging the two together.


Powergaming is doing unrealistic things for example taking an M4 from the ass without rping it, eg. /me Ethan_Makaveli drop a black bag and takes out an M4.


Revengkill is killing someone who killed you IC and then rushing back to that destination to kill the same person, pretty much deathmatching as you dont remember that they killed you.

Driver drive buying, not allowed because there is no aiming system, all you have to do is shoot out a window with an mp5 and your bound to hit providing your in the right spot.


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Re: Applycation for NG matthew miller

Post by Alex on Thu May 12, 2011 7:02 am

Dear applicant,
Your application has been reviewed by relevant command and after consideration of your experience we would like to announce that you are
ACCEPTED in San Andreas National Guard.We will conact with you within 48 hours.

Signed by:
General Alex Wilson
Game Admin
Game Admin

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