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Gordon Harris Application Empty Gordon Harris Application

Post by daichi_nakata on Tue May 10, 2011 11:49 pm

(( In Character information ))

(( General Information ))
First Name:Gordon
Sur Name:-
Last Name:Harris
Phone Number:666
Place of birth:London
Date of birth:14 July 1988
Current Address:Marina Real Estate 123
E-mail Address:gordon@mohawk.com

(( Questions to the applicant ))

Why do you want to be a part of Los Santos Police Department? I want to protect people of Los santos from any crime might happen remembering that there are a lot of Criminal and gang on Los santos, and I think LSPD now is lack of LSPD officer to handle the crimes on Los santos. Since I was kid I was dreaming about being a cop and catch the bad guy and make people around me safe, I love to protect anyone as much as I can and I hope I can be accepted at LSPD so I can help everyone who need my help as a police.

Why do you think you should be accepted and you'll be taken over the other applicant? I ever be a LSPD Sergeant at other town (past time) I am also a lawyer and graduated from Cambridge Lawyer Faculty and have been a lawyer for over 5 years. I am calm person so I am sure I can handle every situation with calm mind and think about it carefully, also I've been trained to use any kind of weapon from Silenced Pistol, Glock .45, Ak47, M4 and Combat Shotgun. Also I am workaholic man and I would like to dedicate my life to fight the crime at this City.

Do you mind being our Cadet? if no, why? no, because I think I should become a cadet first as my first career rank.

Last Law Enforcement Experience (( IN THIS SERVER ))
-LSPD Sergeant Past time, long time ago.

Life Biography (( 300 words atleast ))

I was born at London, England. My mother named was Stephanie and my Father named was Harris. We lived at Downtown of London, and we're rich family my dad own a big company Raging Oil. we're live happily ever after but suddenly my dad company was bankrupt because of a lot of corruption inside the company and make Raging Oil Company ends up with a lot of loan to the government. Since that my dad was studying about law and become a famous lawyer of London that handle corruption case at my town.

That why I was inspired to become a lawyer too, so I decide to study at Cambridge on Law Faculty to become a lawyer like my dad was. I want to ends the corruption on my town London. But that wasn't easy, a lot of politician wants me to get down and fail to handle the corruption on England, until one day one of the politician succeeds sue me and said that I were being corrupt, i am not corrupt anything but suddenly I remember something, I was finding evidence of biggest coruption on this town, but I've failed to do it, the politician get me first and I am being kicked from Lawyer there, so I decide to moved out to Los Santos and become a lawyer there.

I am just arrived at los santos and I met someone named Kazuya Yamaguchi, he's the leader of Mohawk company and he hire me to become Mohawk business advisor. I accept it and start to building my career at Mohawk Corp. But now because of Mohawk Corp. Inactivity it's disbanded and every member was fired and become un-employment, then I saw on the internet about LSPD Officer application I am open up my laptop and filling this application.

Sign here: Gordon Harris

Passport here ((/stats)): (( Can I make it as Private? ))

(( Out of Character information ))

Name:Graha Nurdian
e-mail address:graha.nurdian@yahoo.com

Gordon Harris Application I-am-proud-of-indonesia2
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Gordon Harris Application Empty Re: Gordon Harris Application

Post by Williams on Sat Oct 01, 2011 3:37 pm

Dear Gordan Harris,

We would like to ask you, if your application is still of your interest. Are you willing to join us?

Chief Williams.

Frank James Williams,
Los Santos Police Department

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