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Post by AlexRich on Tue May 10, 2011 2:32 pm

** You entered LSPD HQ and asked for application. our team answered you respectfully and sent you to the right place **
** You've been asked to answer in the BLUE ink **

(( In Character information ))

(( General Information ))
First Name:Alex
Sur Name:
Last Name: Rich
Phone Number: 7462
Place of birth: Dillimore
Date of birth: 22/12/1990
Current Address: Verdant Meadows, House 97
E-mail Address: alex@lossantosmail.gta

(( Questions to the applicant ))

Why do you want to be a part of Los Santos Police Department? I want to protect law. I have seen lots of brutality in streets of Dillimore. I don't want it to happen anywhere.

Why do you think you should be accepted and you'll be taken over the other applicant? I have excellent shooting skills, My father taught me shooting with magnum .44 when I was three years old. I can handle weapons, like no one can't. I know how to talk with people, solve their conflicts without fighting.

Do you mind being our Cadet? if no, why? It is okay. You start doing everything in your life from beginning.

Last Law Enforcement Experience (( IN THIS SERVER )) None.

Life Biography (( 300 words atleast )) I have born in small town Dillimore. My parents were like others, they did good job, didn't drink too much alcohol (Though at Christmas Eve even I drank some alcohol), we never used drugs in our family, though father smoked cigarettes. Once, after returning from kindergarden with my mother, one drug addict run up, stabbed my mother, took her bag and ran away again... My father couldn't catch him. Ambulance has arrived too late, my mother already died. I haven't seen her anymore since this moment. My father started drinking and my life began to turn hell day by day. I went away to my grandmather who lived in Verdant Meadows, I couldn't stop thinking about my mother. When I was 15, my father died... **as tear falls off my eye when I write it* *as policeman notices it and turns away** I got house my parents had. I sold it and continued living with my grandmother... Soon she died also, god bless her. I'm continuing living in her house. At age of 19 I started looking for job, I tried machanic job, but my hands wanted to hold weapon, enforce law. I left my job, after I got slapped by my boss for bad working, I only forgot to clean floor. And now, I have no job.

Sign here:Alex Rich

Passport here ((/stats)): Alex Rich Application Kaoke9

(( Out of Character information ))

Name: Alex _ Rich, IRL: Alex
Age: 20 IC, IRL: 14
Origin: Estonia
e-mail address:

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