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Michael Storm Application For LSPD Empty Michael Storm Application For LSPD

Post by Michael Storm on Sat May 07, 2011 1:12 pm

Name:Michael Storm

Date of Birth:23/08/1985


Hometown:San Fierro

Phone Number:Current phonenumber is 6399

Have you ever been arrested? If so, please state why: No.

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?:I'd say so, yes.
I was employed in the police department a while ago, I was a captain commanding FTO, IA and SWAT, later on I got promoted to chief.
I have also been a colonel in the National Guard, commanded the airforce and another division.
I have been a special agent in the secret service.
I recently resigned from the National Guard due to applying to the LSPD.
That's my LEO history. (( On this server that is. ))

Why would you like to join the Los Santos Police Department? (150 Word Minimum):
Well, I have the experience and the leadership abilities, as stated before, I have been leading alot in my past, such as SWAT, IA, T&R.
I want to contribute to the force with my previous experience, I think I can be a resource to the crimefighting and that is why I wish to join the Los Santos Police Department. I worked in the LSPD for quite a long time, and I still got friends and former colleagues in the various departments, now Im hoping to make new friends and take away drugs, weaponry etcetera, from the streets.

I started working under Michael Sharpe, joined in a live recruitment, it didnt take long for me to get promoted, but that was not what I aimed for, I wanted to contribute to crimefighting, I became friends with most of the people that was in the LSPD back then, and by having trust, we could always speak to eachother regarding various things, as when you needed backup, you could always say it and really know that someone was on their way, that is how it should be, the LSPD officers and employees should know that someone is always there to respond, I want to make a difference in the LSPD, thats why I want to join.

Marco koopman.

Why should we chose you, over other applicants? (80 Word Minimum):

I got experience from former agencies, aswell as the LSPD, therefore I know what needs to be done and how to react when a situation appears, I can make fast decisions and therefore quickly take control of the situation at hand, as a former SWAT and IA commander, I got leadership abilities and Im willing to use them if necessary, as I stated before, I want to make a difference and contribute to the force with my previous experience and leadership abilities.

Biography (500 Word Minimum):

Birth and early life:
I was born in a hospital named Santa Maria State Hospital located in San Fierro, my mother, named Theresa Holiday and my father named
weeks as the nurses had to check if I got any kind of disease at birth, my mother, nor my father was able to see me much those two
weeks as the nurses had to run alot of tests to make sure I was healthy, after two weeks had passed me and my parents were able to
return to our house, my family was not rich, my mother worked as a hairdresser and my father was a trucker, our house was not big
but not to small either, it was perfect for our family, my parents was very glad to be home after two weeks of living at the hospital,
I didnt really care, as I was two weeks old.
When I was four years old I was sent to kindergarden for the first time in my life, can't say very much about that as I don't remember
very much of it, I base quite much of this biography on words from my mother, she did tell me that I never liked kindergarden, I mostly
sat on a chair staring around until someone would pick me up.
When I was six years old I started elementary school. School was easy for me as my parents had tought me in using the english language,
I was not speaking fluently, but I was speaking well, I did my homework and I learned alot, this kept going until I was ten years old,
when I started taking interest into other things than just school, I was very interested in my fathers work as a trucker, I liked his
truck and he even let me follow him on his tours around San Fierro. One day my father got a special load that was going to Las Venturas,
I had heard quite alot of this city in school, and always wanted to visit it, however my father wouldnt let me follow him this time,
as I was going to school the same day, and it was too far away. That day I woke up early, earlier than my father, I got this weird
idea and went up, got dressed, got something to eat, took the spare keys to the car, went out and unlocked it, I hid in the trunk and
locked the car, in the trunk I was eating my sandwiches when I hear someone outside, the car is unlocked and I could hear someone
sit down, the car was turned on and we started moving, about ten minutes later, I heard a phone ringing, I heard someone pick up
the phone and was relieved when I noticed it was my fathers voice.
We got to his work and I could hear him leave the car, I heard his footsteps leaving the car, so I got out aswell, I got to the truck
that my father used to drive. It was open to make it easier for the employees to load up the things they were going to deliver, I
noticed the truck was loaded already, so I hid inside and waited, I was tired, so I leaned back, resting towards the side of the
truck, I fell asleep, I didnt notice someone closing the truck nor feeling it moving. About 30 minutes later, I woke up, the doors
to the back of the truck was open and I thought " Shit, I must have fallen asleep. ", I went out of the truck with caution, I didnt
want my father to notice me, I got out and no sign of my father, I looked around and the city I saw infront of me was not similar to
the one I had heard about in school, I walk around abit, looking at most things I could see, buildings, people, then I notice a strange
car, I was interested in cars and ran there to look at the car, I stood there quite a while, looking at the car, I couldnt figure out
what car it actually was. I was standing there thinking about that, a familiar noise shredded my thoughts and I distinctively looked
back, I noticed the trucks doors were closed, the trucks engine was running and I got a quick look in the rearview mirror, I stopped
for a second to think, I illustrated the face I just saw in the mirror, that was not my father, the truck started driving and I ran
after it, however I was just ten, not capable of catching up and I stopped, I stared at the truck leaving me behind, I stood there for
about five minutes before I turned around, I looked around and started walking. First thing I noticed was a sign saying
Vinewood, Los Santos., I quickly understood I had hid in the wrong truck, I was in the wrong town. I kept walking and walking,
my stomach was aching, I had only eaten two sandwiches this morning, suddenly a taxi drives by, stopping after 20 metres, I stop for
a while and the taxi backs up, the driver rolls his window down and asks me:
- Are you lost, son ?
I answered:
- Y - Yes ..
I did what he said, and jumped in.
He asked me:
- Where do you live, kid?
I answered his question:
- In San Fierro.
- In San Fierro ? Your a long way from home, son.
I didnt answer to that and the driver kept driving, after a while we stopped at a house, the driver got out and told me to follow him,
I did, we entered the house and he shouts:
- Jessica, we've got a guest!
A woman about the age of 25 enters the hallway, she looks at me, then she looks at the man and asks him:
- Jimmy, what is this ?
The man, named Jimmy answered:
- I found him walking around, he says he's living in San Fierro.
Jessica looks at me, asking me:
- Do you have a cellphone?
I answered no, because I was ten and my family wasnt that wealthy.
She wondered if I know my parents phonenumber, I answered no to that aswell, I didnt have a cellphone nor did I remember our phonenumber.

She said:
- Well, let's get you something to eat and dry clothes.
Jessica entered the kitchen, she was already cooking something, I could smell it, the smell was fantastic.
After we ate she got me some dry clothes, I entered the bathroom and changed, it was evening and Jimmy said I could sleep in the guest
room, I went to bed and Jimmy said we would find my parents tomorrow.
Next day Jimmy went to work early, Jessica said that we are going to the cityhall to see what we could do about me, maybe they would
send me home or something.
We got to the cityhall, and told a couple of employees about the situation, they said we couldnt do much as the relations with San
Fierro was abit stretched at the moment.
A week passed and I still lived at the family in Los Santos, they were very kind to me, and one day Jessica told me she got me into
the local school in Los Santos, next day I had to get up early for school, I got to school and I got new friends immediately.
This kept going without me thinking to much about my real family, about a week later, Jimmy gets a call from the cityhall, saying
they have located my parents, we go there and I reunite with my real family, I tell them that the time I spent in Los Santos was
really good, I also told them I got into the Los Santos Elementary School, they were surprised all of this had happened, my parents
spoke with Jimmy and Jessica, I approached my mother and told her, I want to stay here. At first she did not listen, then I told her
again and she looked at me, she said:
- I understand that, we've heard that you made alot of new friends here in Los Santos, the Cox family, has offered to keep you at their
home for as long as you want to stay and if you decide to stay, we will visit you every week or atleast write to you as much as we
I got really happy about this and decided to stay.
My parents was invited to Jessica and Jimmy's house, now I know they're lastname is Cox. Their house was significally bigger than my
real familys house, and I had my own room with my own computer.
Later the same day, my parents left and headed back to San Fierro, they gave me a cellphone so that I could stay in contact with
The years passed by and I kept living in Los Santos with the Cox family, when I was 16 years old I graduated high school with good
grades. I got my first job as a taxi driver and saved up quite alot of money. After two years on my 18th birthday, my family and the
Cox family, had put their savings together, to buy me a car, I was really thrilled about having my first car, I had got my license
for two years without having a car to call my own. That day we all were together, and alot of my friends were there aswell,
next day my parents had left back to San Fierro and I was looking for a house for my own on the internet, I came by a nice
little house in the outskirts of Los Santos, I went there as soon as my daypass quit as a taxi driver. I was shown around and
I liked the house alot, I payed the old woman and I recieved the keys to the house, now I had a house for my own aswell,
I parked my car outside and went inside.
Half a year passed and my house was really nice decorated, I had got my own computer in my room and TV and all that other
necessary stuff.
I turned 20 years old and I was bored of my life, same old routine, every day, I decided to make a change, I got on internet,
typed in The Los Santos Police Department in my search engine, I got on the website.
I glanced over a portrait of my family as I slowly directed the mouse pointer over to
" Recruitment ".
And now Im here, filling this application, thankyou for reading.

Out Of Character:
Name:Marco koopman



Timezone:GMT +2

In Game Level:1

List Previous Factions/Familes - Ranks:
LSPD - Chief.
NG - Colonel.
Secret Service - Special Agent / Vice Director.
LSFMD - Battalion chief.

Can you speak English Fluently?:Kind of.

Michael Storm

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Michael Storm Application For LSPD Empty Re: Michael Storm Application For LSPD

Post by Steven Hill on Mon May 09, 2011 8:00 am

[SIZE="6"]Los Santos Police Department[/SIZE]
Department of High Command
Office of Recruitment
Michael Storm Application For LSPD Uvjvt

Los Santos Police Department
1 Pershing Square
Los Santos

Dear Applicant,

Your application has been received by the relevant authorities of the Los Santos Police Department.

After analyzing and reviewing your experience and qualifications, I am pleased to inform you that your application has been reviewed.

You are about to embark on a career of public service in which professionalism, perfection and dedication is required on a daily basis. Brace yourself for an exciting but indeed dangerous career as an elite trooper of the Los Santos Police Department.

You may now proceed to your interview were we will evaluate and decide weather you're LSPD quality.

Enclosed with this letter I have added a copy of the Los Santos Police Departments Recruitment Process, this will be your life from now till graduation. To help you understand the entire process, please study it thoroughly. You must read this.

| Enclosed Letter |

Please take a look at the Los Santos Police Department handbook as you will need to study it for your upcoming tests and exams.

| Copy of the LSPD Handbook |

Best Regards to you applicant,

Los Santos Police Department,
Official Chief, Steven Hill

Note: Good Luck in the Department, very nice application.

Steven Hill
LSPD Chief
LSPD Chief

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