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LSFMD Application format Empty LSFMD Application format

Post by Admin Cr4zyR0d on Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:53 am

(( Put your application in a new thread title being: [Name_Surname] LSFMD Application ))

Here in front of you is the application for: LSFMD Entry Level

(( Note:

Do not apply if you have recognisable bad english.
Do not apply if you do not want to roleplay.
Do not apply if you have been convicted of more then (5) crimes in game.
Do not apply if you are likely to quit the faction very quickly.
Do not apply if this job is just not for you. ))

(( IC Information ))

Full Name:



Phone Number:

Current or Previous Occupation:


House location(if owned):

Ever been convicted of any crimes? If yes, then what were they?

Ever been given a ticket for any traffic offense? If yes, then what were they?:

Bio(graphy) 150 words or more(application will not be accepted with less):

Why do you want to be a part of LSFMD and how could you help LSFMD? 150 words or more(application will not be accepted with less):

(( OOC Information ))




Country of Birth:

Country of Residence:

In game level:

Please post a screenshot of your stats:

Your application will be accepted, declined or put in pending within 24 hours of submission, please do not bug the chief to accept it, he will look at it when he finds the time.

When your application is accepted you will proceed to the LSFMD Knowledge Test, if passed then you will proceed to Ridealong 1 to 3 and if successful you will become a trainee. If successful in all section then you will become a Paramedic.
Admin Cr4zyR0d
Admin Cr4zyR0d
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